About this blog or the sugar story

Well hello,

They say, the first sentence is the hardest and it is better/best to start with the second one. Well.

This is one of those blogs, where the idea has been around for a while but it never really happened. My very tangible and sweet collection of international sugar bags has been quietly (yet patiently) staring at me since 2009. Suddenly inspired by a combination of overly thought-provoking TEDs, fabulous unrelated TV-show tunes and a late-night latte (late-night latte, get it? :)) here I am.

A few things or so-called organisational announcements:

1. This is going to be in English, which surprisingly or not might come short of any kind of literary expectations. My very limited experience taught me that English (and not only) is considerably less willing to be flexible in conveying the contents of non-native minds.

2. These are my thoughts and experiences only. My comfortable subjectivity might take a back seat from time-to-time but, generally, these are just opinions of my very engaged mind. Monologues if you wish.

3. The sugar pics are my own. I have been diligently collecting the finest of sugar bags from numerous establishments offering the greatest gift to humanity aka coffee. Translation: I have a hobby of gathering sugar bags from coffee shops/bars/restaurants. My mini-collection includes around 300 and keeps growing.

If this makes sense, you are still reading and you find the future posts entertaining, let me know. As “no man is an island”, there have got be more of bloggers-to-be carrying the burden of thoughts out there.

For now, have a great day and read me soon 🙂




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