About a day in Stockholm

#watching – Circuit Scribe 

#reading – Malcolm Gladwell “The Tipping Point

#listening – bit of ABBA 🙂

So just about a month ago, we had a chance to check out Stockholm. Even though it was just a city break (well, kind of), the time was certainly well spent. So this post is all about impressions, glimpses and the “feels” of the city gathered in just over 24 hours.

Even before the departure, two very practical things decided about the trip: ridiculously affordable tickets from Wizzair and perfect timing of the return trip (in on Saturday and out on Sunday). We arrived at Stockholm Skavsta/Nykoping airport – this adorable little place with something like 6 or 8 gates as close to each other as store entrances in an average-size mall. People spoke English. Every person we met spoke English beautifully. They also spoke English with a remarkably American accent.

Right upon the landing, Stockholm welcomed us a city of self-explanatory things: there was no need to ask for directions as ample signs pointed the visitor in all of the desired directions. An hour on a bus and here we are – a walking distance from the city center.

Stockholm is so clean. The first thing that strikes you is that no matter which street you walk down, it seems like a bunch of magical Swedish elves just packed up their brooms a moment before you turned the corner.

The city felt fresh, the weather was beautiful and the air was thick with that wonderful sea smell. As I have my priorities straight, I actively sought out a cup of local coffee with some funky sugar. The coffee was a standard European average but there were really a lot of places to get it – seems that there was a coffee shop on every corner. Funny thing, we’ve only seen 1(!) Starbucks hidden away inside the train station.

Coming from landlocked city, seeing water everywhere was just wow. There is just something so chill and relaxing about watching the water taxis, private yachts and some pretty magnificent ships here and there. It is also curious that boats leave like trains from platforms with little electronic boards and digital timetables.

Then, there is the magical underground part. We stopped at a few stations along the blue metro line and it seemed like the stone walls made humans a favor by separating and leaving just enough space for the little metro trains to run.

After getting back upstairs, it was the time for fika (pronounced fee-ka). Thanks to our waitress at a place called “Sturekatten”, we found out that fika is not a thing but an activity; basically, having a coffee with something sweet. We had “a traditional Swedish” dessert-type of thing, which tasted a lot like cinnabon :). About the place itself, Sturekatten, was a cozy two-story place with a little courtyard, patterned wallpapers and a lot of cat figures. Pretty cool.

An amazing part of the trip was the wonderful Vasa Museum: where else would you see a 17th century original ship from the perspective of 6 different floors. That was a double-triple woah and if in Stockholm, do go and do see.

There were seagulls, and a hostel in a middle of the city, and the beautiful evening walk up and down the twisted little streets, and people at the restaurants sitting in chairs facing not each other but the street or the water. There was a lovely tiny store with wooden horses and a giant moose with a “don’t ride” mark on it. There was a weekend, there was a month of August and there was Stockholm. Finally, there were a bunch of pictures so see below and let me know what you think.



PS The pictures sugar is not from Sweden – just a practical joke 🙂


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