About magic, TEDxWarsaw and other wonderful stuff

In the world of manuals, there ought to be one by the name of “How to reflect about TEDxWarsaw or ways to deal with what you feel”. If you got one, please pass it on.

I am on one of these little Wizzair air locomotives on the way to the Netherlands. Listening to a lecture about Industrial Revolution (proletarianization to be specific) . It’s part of the Open Yale course about European Civilization 1648-1945. Wonderful stuff.

Locked up in a tiny moving vehicle somewhere “way above” seems like the place to reflect, think and wonder.

So TEDxWarsaw 2015. To give you the feels, prior to continuing with the reading, follow the link and skim through the live feed tweets from the event – the quotes, the thoughts, the pics. Once that’s done, I’ll take a you on a short post-event tour.

So this year, the event opened it doors at Teatr Polski just in between the Old Town and the New World (that’d be a literal translation of the street name). A wonderful venue breathing a special air, providing book-perfect views and, of course, feels and chills complementary.

This year, the uniting topic of “The Little Things” really seemed to bring the talks together – that silver line of commonality ran unimpeded. The talks were united into three blocks, 1.5-2 hours each. The flow, the mood management and the topics were exactly what I come to TEDxWarsaw for.ย 

As for the talks, here’s my one-liner summary of TEDxWarsaw ride:

– Block 1 or off we go.

The day started with a kick of genuine inspiration. Then onto the journey of a 1000KM over 4 continents. We meander – here is a steep turn into dark valley of dealing with minds of people with depression. Now off to the journey of creativity with organ music in the background. Finally, exceptionally loud (if you know what I mean) talk about using music to find your voice (this one me likey).

– Block 2 (a little less favorite) or we might be a tad lost.

We are in the kitchen breaking pasta, taking pictures and wondering how physics works in our very home. Then the talk about bees – not the bees knees. Just remember that bees are very important, like color blue and increase tomato growing output by 30% versus a bee-less scenario. Then the talk about data, which confuses and leaves you mid-air knowing that trees in Warsaw have registration numbers. Then keys to success or set of applicable commonalities – covering everything seemed to demonstrate very little.ย 

– Block 3 or we are back.

The wonderful improv theatre, the games and way to go when engaging an audience of 500 people. Then talk about failing: brief, concise and very Ted-ish :). Then the talk ending in a standing ovation – how much do you know about what is like to live as a refugee. Then coffee, baking bread, Pink Floyd in a castle from Middle Ages. Then a few words about beer worth tasting from famous Polish beer blogger.

A closure was performance by Woodsmoke – a bit of magic, music and barefooted musicians. Check out their stuff on Sound Cloud.

Then there is the (possibly) more important part – the new-people-meeting, the action-oriented-taking, the discussions-worth-having. Wonderful. Just remember to take your business card next time around.

As for the whole of it, when walking home after the event, I almost felt filled with some kind of magic goodness. It seemed that if I were a little less careful, I would spill it, lose it or even let it fade. So I slowly let it filter through my mind, write down the “to keep” parts and add another item to the TEDxWarsaw shelf.

I absolutely recommend visiting a TEDx event. I have no idea what it will bring you but it will surprise you in its own special way, it will leave a dent ๐Ÿ™‚

And so we are landing, time for a question mark and a full stop. What was the last event you attended? What was something you enjoyed? Think, write it down and let me know.




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