About connecting the dots

About connecting the dots

“Chances are where you find them”
― Terry PratchettMoving Pictures

Today, we were talking about the other scenarios. Not the doom and gloom, not the easy ones where things do not work out, stars do not align, people end up letting us down and world mostly seems a rather miserable place. Today, we were talking of the others, of the world where things are real, and warm and possible, of what if one’s dreams come true.

Over the last year, many more things in my life happened a little differently to what I planned/hoped/expected. Some wonderful, some magical, some average, others…well, let’s just say life happens. I am exceptionally good at imagining worst-case scenarios… Could be a side-effect of all the Stoics that were with me along for the ride this year. They frequently did help J However…what if the “out of comfort zone” and the “scary” is not the familiar doom and gloom but the other side of this imaginary coin. What if it’s the good-great-amazing-spectacular-beyond belief positive scenarios are the ones that scare us more?

This past year had a lot of dots. Dots that I would never have connected. Some I would skip, some I would not consider to ever be “my” dots, some I would not dare add to my realm of the possible. Yet…

In the seen-by-everyone commencement speech at Stanford, Steve Jobs talked about connecting dots and how it’s only possible to connect them looking back. How about the dots that we have in our life just now? Where are your dots today? What’s the next one on the horizon? What’s the one you’re heading for? What’s the one you would like to be in your path?

A couple of weeks back, I was travelling on one of those overbooked trains with no reservations. Hence, I’ve cleverly (and just as everybody else with the same ticket) headed for the restaurant wagon. There was a girl with an empty chair, book on the table and something resembling coffee in a cup.

“May I join. I promise not to bother”
“Please, do”
<Both smile>

3 hours of the ride. Questions. Answers. Stories. Memories. Artist, early 20s. Exhibitions around Europe, murals around the world. Completing and about to commence an exceptional education at elite schools. Multiple lives lived by one person. Solemn days in the Himalayas. Wild days in Los Angeles. Life of Art and Art as life. Fascinating stories. Yet, what spoke to me more was the spread of thought, of dreams and futures. Her dots, those from her past, those dots she was now connecting while travelling as well as those in her adjacent possible had so much air. It’s like she breathed just a little wider, yet a little deeper and with such an endearing…courage. Fascinating! We enjoyed some of that (hopefully) coffee and bits of each other’s’ lives.

So what would it be like if all of your dreams come true? What if some of it is already here? What if the dots are right here and now? In the shiny eyes of a dear friend, goodnight kisses of the person we love or walking into the underground with a smile that the day is just about to begin. Who knows…Off to place some of my dots.

Warm summer smiles,



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